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Join us IN PERSON on Sunday at 11am! Our Online, pre-recorded service will begin at the same time. Among others taking part in our service today, we are thankful to…

The Walking Dead

Jesus came for a specific purpose that was marked by his deep compassion for people. As Daniel points out in Mark 1:35-45, by Jesus touching this leper and healing him,…

Jesus Heals Many

The disciples hadn’t known Jesus for very long, but even in the early stages of their friendship they already trusted Jesus and had begun to carry their anxieties to him,…
The Kingdom of God and the dominion of Satan have now clashed against each other, as Jesus encounters this man with an evil spirit in Capernaum. Opening up Mark 1:21-28,…

Follow Me

Life is full of decisions - college, family, work, relationships, holidays....the list might seem endless. But there is no decision that comes close to importance than the decision of how…

Good News is Coming

In this sermon, Pastor Daniel gives an overview, highlighting the cosmic conflict that started in Genesis, stretching through the Old Testament, New Testaments and beyond into our present day. Jesus…

Peace & War

In this study, Pastor Daniel examines the experience of Jesus being baptized by John in the water and tempted by Satan in the wilderness. Opening up[ Mark 1:9-13, Daniel reminds…

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