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We live in a culture that is obsessed with "Me. Myself, and I." Even our approach to worship can quickly become self-focused rather than God focused, if we're not careful.…
Having completed the rebuilding of Jerusalem the people now come together, both great and small, for the purpose of worship, asking Ezra to read from God’s Word for all to…

We Are Family

The project that Nehemiah had undertaken to rebuild the city wasn't only about stones and gates; it was also about rebuilding the people and restoring their relationship with each other…
Having rebuilt the walls and begun the process of rebuilding the people's lives, Nehemiah suddenly finds himself under attack through malicious letters and sinister suggestions. Opening up Nehemiah 6:1-15, Daniel…

Carol Service 2020

You are invited to join us ONLINE for a Christmas family service on Sunday, 20th December at 5pm with carols, poetry, a Junior Church presentation, Playmobil nativity, special music from…

Simeon’s Song

When others got tired of waiting and gave up, Simeon remained watchful as he waited for the consolation of Israel to come. Opening up Luke 2:29-32 examines the song the…

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